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What is the routing capability for X670-G2-48x Switch ?

Hi Team,


We would like to know the routing capability for X670-G2-48x Switch . Kindly help us.


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The X670-G2-48X ships with Advanced Edge which means it can run static routing, RIP, and limited OSPF (no DR/BDR, point-to-point links only, limited to 4 adjacencies). AE is also limited to PIM-SM, no BSR/RP, limited adjacencies.

You can buy a "Core" license which will allow it to run full OSPF, BGP, PIM (DM/SM), etc. However, it should be noted that you will need to look at the limits section within the EXOS release notes to understand if it will scale to your application. For instance, the X670-G2 would *not* be a platform that could hold the entire internet routing table in hardware (not even close), so if you need a full-on edge/border router, that would not be the recommended platform.
Thanks Matthew.