When will XOS 15.6 be recommended version for summit x670?

Hi, anybody knows when recommended XOS version for summit x670 change to 15.6 referring to ExtremeXOS Hardware/ Software Compatibility and Recommendation Matrices document?

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Hello Damian

Please post what you are looking at. When I look at the recommendation doc only 670-G2 is at 15.6 a 670 is set to 15.5.

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I think this link is what Damian is talking about.


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Generally speaking, ExtremeXOS software version recommendations are based on the following criteria:
  • Recommended releases should have no open critical issues introduced in the respective version
  • Recommended releases should have been deployed in field for at least 3 months. As an exception, the latest release would be recommended if critical fixes affecting existing deployment were added to the release.
  • Internal SQA testing must be completed without encountering any new issues
  • Recommended releases should have been reviewed and accepted by Engineering Team Leads
When deploying any software release, customers should always review the Release Notes for known issues that pertain to features and technologies used in their network. Upgrades above these recommendations are suggested only to fix a specific known issue or to implement a required ExtremeXOS feature not included in the currently recommended release.
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Thanks Stephen that is the same one I saw. 15.5 for 670 and 15.6 for 670-G2

X670 EXOS 13-May-15
X770 EXOS 13-May-15
X460-G2 EXOS 13-May-15
X670-G2 EXOS 13-May-15

I mean x670, not x670-g2. Recommendation for x670 is 15.5 for today, I am looking when this changes for 16.1 or newer. But as wrote Drew C. it depends from many factors so is difficult to answer. Thanks for help.