Where are the meter out-of-profile counters?

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Create Date: Jun 1 2012 9:49AM

The XOS 12.6 concepts guide says, "Additionally, each meter has an associated out-of-profile counter that counts the number of packets that were above the committed-rate (and subject to the out-of-profile-action)." However, I can find no command to view that counter. Also, I've configured my meter to drop out-of-profile traffic, verified emperically that it is working, but I don't see any count of the dropped packets in "show ports congestion" or "show ports qosmonitor congestion". Any hints? I'm especially interesting in knowing a way to verify intended operation of a rate limiting meter more directly. (from Phil_Frost)

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Create Date: Jun 1 2012 12:19PM

Hi bitglue,

you can try like that:

sw5 # sh access-list meter ?
any wildcard
meter name

sw5 # sh access-list meter vlan "lan2"
Policy Name Vlan Name Port
Committed Max Burst Out-of-Profile Out-of-Profile
Meter Rate (Kbps) Size (K) Action DSCP Packet Count
policy1 lan2 *
meter1 50000 Max Drop 15855
meter2 20000 Max Drop 3905

Jarek (from Jaroslaw_Kasjaniuk)