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Where is the "official" JSONRPC implementation, the one in EXOS_Apps or ExtremeScripting Github Project

I see two implementations, in separate repos, for the JsonRPC class required to use the JSONRPC API of EXOS switches, and am looking for information on who is contributing to these projects, and which implementation is the "official" one. I will be cloning this repo and potantially contributing in the future, and just want advice on which one I should clone.

There's the one in jsonrpc.py in the EXOS_Apps project, which was last modified back in March, and the one in the rmtscript.py module in the ExtremeScripting project, which was modified much more recently (3 months ago). I'm confused by these multiple implementations - seems like one should be using the other, since they're both in ExtremeNetworks' repos. Which should I use, to maximize my chances of being able to pull improvements moving forward, and/or be able to contribute to?

I was going to just use the one in the EXOS_Apps project, since this is the one that Stephane Grosjean pointed me at in my other thread. But that one apparently isn't the most up-to-date.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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