where is xos 22.4.1-patch1-2

xos is on the download page. release note 22.4.1-patch1-2 states that it resolves the issue of EMC or SNMP changes not being saved in earlier versions 22.4.1.--- Is the XOS on the download page ( have this patch in it?? If not where do we get the patch firmware.
thnks in advance

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Hi Walt,
EXOS was released to me this morning and I'm going to try to get it on the portal later today.

Thanks for the reply. I am holding off upgrades and new installations. I'll be checking the download site regularly today.
Also would you have any timeframe on new EMC management software as I am trying to get a working relationship between EMC and X460 switches.
thnks in advance,
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Hi Walt,
Are you looking for the release timeframe of EMC 8.1?
EMC 8.1 will be released on Q1 CY 2018.

Best regards
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Hi Walt, v22.4.1.4-patch1-2 was posted to the portal on Thursday last week. My apologies for not responding to the thread sooner...