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Which is the best way to provisioning a new EXOS switch with ZTP+

  • 27 February 2019
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I'm playing with the demokit and a spare x440-G2-12p that I have, for test the ZTP+ zero touch provisioning.

My objective is to add this new device to my devices under XMC (latest version) and assign a VLAN IP on it, enable sshv2 and disable telent, enable snmpv3 for XMC monitoring, and disable snmpv1&2 and change admin password, in manner that at the end I can access with the snmp_v3_profile defined on the XMC of the demokit.
If I do a facory reset of my switch and connect one of the 12 ports to my network, I'm able to discover the switch and it has been correctly upgraded to the reference image (I've got summit xos version 30.1 and in the image folder of my firmware images of XMC I've added the latest cloud connector, despite the fact that the image version 30.1 already have the cloud connector inside).
But after I edit the config on ZTP+ page (after the discover phase), in which I only modify the IP address for the new switch, during the staging phase I have the error "CLI command failure: delete vlan 1:VLAN "Default" cannot be deleted from the system"

I've alredy read other posts on this error, but in my case I'm not applyng a policy and also if I try to apply one of the policy defined on the demokit, I always have the same error.

Which is the best way to do the provisioning of a new EXOS with the ZTP+ auto provisioning for automate more as possible?


4 replies

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Good afternoon Antonio,

Please confirm the version of XMC you're currently running maybe I can try and reproduce what you're seeing

I am using an X440-G2 and XMC and can correctly provision the device. is my reference image. 4 of the changes you want to make can be done via ZTP+. In my case I am using a pre-registered device template where I am:

  1. Assign a VLAN IP on it (Note, this is the single management interface only)
  2. Enable snmpv3 for XMC monitoring
  3. Disable snmpv1&2 (If an SNMPv3 profile is selected in ZTP+ this disabled SNMv1v2c access as well)
  4. Add the device to my XMC device list
For the other 2 - Change admin password and enable ssh then disable Telnet, these can be handled via a script under Tasks > Scripts

I hope this helps
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Hi Kawawa,
thanks for your reply.
I'm using XMC version
Also in my lab, is my reference image
I'll try to do as you suggest, crating a pre-registered device template and to apply this for the ZTP+ provisioning.