who polls what when using SNMP and XMC. And how can I change the timers on XMC so that we slow down the requests.

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Delaying XMC SNMP polling to end hardware.
We are adding XMC , while still having at least 3 other snmp services riunning on the network ( netsight PTRG and OPSView ) Netsight will be retired when we are happy with XMC.

I think what we are experiencing is " clashes " between the various system , creating false results that are being alarmed by teh various systems .

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This can be configured using Administration->Options->Status Polling

You can alter the polling cycle and number of devices to poll at once.
You can also change the Poll Group of devices to poll more or less often.

The number of retries can be altered using Options->SNMP Configuration

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Many Thanks have made some changes while we have all 4 systems up and running.