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Why can not I set up a mirroring?

  • 9 April 2019
  • 1 reply

I set up the mirroring, but an unknown log is generated and registered in the actual "show mirror"

After connecting the actual wireshark to port 9:10, the packet will not become a mirror.

If you have a problem like this, can you find a solution?

The commands entered are as follows.
create mirror DB_Mirror
config mirror "DB_Mirror" to port 9:10
config mirror "DB_Mirror" add port 3:17 ingress-and-egress
enable mirror "DB_Mirror"

show mirror

1 reply

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Hi Choi,

I would check if there is enough ACL resources with following command:

# show access-list usage acl-slice port 3:17

If there are free resources and the issue is still there please log the case with GTAC to investigate further.