Why I can not define a L3 Vlan interface over a MLAG interface, without using VRRP?

It's so weird and silly. MLAG means one interface for multi chasis but i can not define a L3 interface over it without using VRRP. I think extremenetwork guys should check their availibility capabilities.

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Ebrar, you CAN define a L3 interface. But if you don't use VRRP only one switch will route the traffic.

Check this post for a discussion on this subject:
Thanks for your reply Daniel, i saw the discussion you sent. But i want to use both SWs, all the links which in MLAG. I don't want to use VRRP. Because i also should establish a BGP between SWs and router. The guys who provide us support, told that we can not establish BGP with VRRP IP. If i use VRRP, i need two BGP session from both SWs and i don't want it.