Will Enabling IGMP on switches connecting wireless cause wireless disconectivity Issues

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We are observing wireless Issues (clients disconnecting from internet session) , does IGMP has anything to do with the disconnecting issues.

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I've made this thread "public" so the community can respond - there's nothing here that requires it to be private.
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Hello Sai,

IGMP is used for multicast and should not cause network related issues. Can you please provide the models of the switches you are working on along with the wireless equipment you are using?
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Just off the cuff reply here so take it with a grain of salt...
Turning on IGMP could allow the Bonjour protocol to start working if other things were in place to also allow this. Again, just a thought...
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Hi Pattrick

Switch models are 430p and 440p

Wireless Controller Model : C5210
Wireless Access Points: 3805i

SaiPrasad Rao Rapolu
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Just out of curiosity, log onto your C5210, go to VNS and click on Topologies. Go to the topology where you are experiencing the performance issues and click the Multicast Filters tab.
What, if anything, do you have in filters?
Do any of the Topologies have "All Multicast" enabled?