Will logs get generated if poe consumption is getting completely utilised

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I have a switch (48-port - POE) , PHONES are connected to 40 ports and PC's are connected to 7 ports. Will 7 ports connected to PC's utilize POE.

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Hey Sai

You will see logs if you exceed PoE thresholds or if you get a PoE fault etc. PCs will not use PoE or won't try to negotiate with the switch to do PoE.

Does that help? Or do you have more questions that I can answer

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no, as your PC's do not use PoE
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Not at all, the PoE handshakes start with a signature detection of about 25k Ohms to determine if the device at the PD end is PoE capable. If no signature is detected, the port functions as a regular port.
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Ok got it