X430 IP address on default VLAN

I'm trying to put a new x430 switch on the network with IP

I set it up with the following commands

disable dhcp vlan Default
configure vlan Default add ports 7-10 untagged
configure vlan Default ipaddress
configure iproute add Default

The problem is that I can't see that IP on my network. I'm plugged into port 8.

The switch this one is plugged into is Enterasys C-Series port 21 which is also configured vlan default untagged.

I can't ping I can't connect http. I feel like I'm just going in circles.

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How are you trying to use this switch? Is it a L2 or L3 device? What does the fdb show? What does iparp show?
I'm sorry. I don't think I know how to answer any of those questions.
Update: I was trying to resolve another switch on the network and determined the port I was plugged into was blocked for the Default VLAN. This was my problem