X440-24t fan operation temperature

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Hello, can anybody tell me at which temperature the fan in a Summit X440-24t starts running? I can't find informations about in the datasheet or userguide. In another thread it seems the the fan will start running at 48°C, but in datasheet the operating temperature is max. up to 45°C. I'm confused. Can you help me?

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Im not sure I have asked this question before, when I switched this on the fan was running full all the time. apparently this is normal operation. Its quite loud and doesn't seem to alternate in speed.
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Here is a GTAC article that states what you have already hit on. Looks like the fans do not start until you exceed 48 degrees.


I'm not sure about the data sheet listing 45 as the max, if you do a "show temp" on the switch, what range does it list?