• 18 May 2020
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Dear Team,


My x440 switch port suddenly stop data flowing,how to get email alert of this kind port disble condition.

2 replies

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Hi Arghya,


Is that a port that just went down or other kind of situation?

I can’t recall if the switch is capable to configure SMTP for any e-mail configuration without some additional process written in Python.

But what you can for sure, is to get some SNMP-capable management system (like XMC) that will read ifOperStatus from device MIB and it can be configured to throw an alarm and e-mail about port that went down. Plus, it will give you much more options regarding alarms and device management, plus in case of XMC some automation (scripts, workflows) and Extreme Access Control and… ;)

Setting an e-mail action for a port being down is pretty straightforward in XMC (, you just have to make sure SMTP details are provided in XMC Administration > Options section (optionally, this may come handy:


Hope that helps,


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May be you can try this -


Thank you!