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X440 Bootrom not responding to spacebar

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We are trying to reset the admin password of our X440 Exos switch.
The switch is not responding to the spacebar to enter bootrom. Do we have wrong bootrom?

Is there another (hardware button) to reset the complete configuration of the switch?

We have connected serial cable and we tried following programs: secureCRT , screen /terminal combination.

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Boot text:

Extreme Networks

Alternate BootStrap Image

Starting CRC of Default image

Using Default image ...

Extreme Networks

Default BootLoader Image


Press and hold the to enter the bootrom.

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Loading OS Image ...

Running Image ...

Starting ExtremeXOS 16.1.3b6

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Keep holding the spacebar until you get the prompt. Just hitting the spacebar a few times is not enough. Are you using a mac , then this article may apply.

Also on some windows clients you need to 'up' the keyboard repeat.
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Hello Frank, did this answer help ?
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Hi OscarK,

Thank you for helping.
We are indeed using a Mac and after also contact with Gtac we found out that it was working with Windows/Putty combination.