x440 G2 route sharing

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Hi I am looking at ECMP on a x440 G2 switch.
The x440 is connected to two seperate routers and I would like to load balance traffic across them.
The manuals indicate that it is supported on the x440 G2 but you can not configure the hashing.

The x440 is running firmware

The "enable iproute sharing" command is not available.
Is this enabled by default? or do I need to enable this?


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IP Route sharing is not supported in x440 G2.

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Hi Parthiban Thank you for the feedback but in the exos user guide it states that the ecmp hashing algarithm can not be changed on the x440g2's. Indicating that it is supported but limited. Also looking at some older gtac notes it also states that the older x440 also supported this. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/pkb_mobile#/articles/en_US/Q_A/Which-load-balancing-algorithm-is-used-for-ECMP With oldercode (21.x) i could also set the maximum amount of gateways for the sharing. Can we confirm this 100%?
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Below is the link from exos userguide 22. https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/exos_22.2/exos_21_1/ipunicast/c_ecmp_hashing_alternatives_for_ipv4_ipv6.shtml