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X440g-2 switch alcatel ip phone LLDP advertisement

I am using X440-g2 switches and alcatel 4028 ip phones. I want to use voice and user vlan from 1 port. My port configuration is tagged "voice-vlan" and untagged "user-wired-vlan" . Phones take from untagged vlan. Phones should take from tagged vlan.

I tried this solutions but it's not working. https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-configure-LLDP-for-Extreme-switches-to-recognize-IP-phones


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Be sure that the phones themselves have firmware that supports LLDP and are configured to use LLDP to accept the Tagged Voice VLAN ID presented via LLDP from the switch. Depending upon their age, IP Phones may be, by default, configured to place themselves into the default untagged VLAN and obtain their tagged VLAN ID from the DHCP options. The LLDP advertisements should be able to override that DHCP option and put the phone into the tagged voice VLAN immediately, even before it gets an address via DHCP. But of course, the phone needs to first accept the LLDP advertisement for tagged voice VLAN ID.
I am using same phones on my difference site with HP Comware switch series via tagged ports.

I am using Microsoft DHCP servers with right options value. But it's not important here , the phone needs to first accept the LLDP advertisement for tagged voice VLAN ID.
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When you do a sho lldp neighbors detailed command with the phone connected, what do you see?
you can see below , thanks

LLDP Port 2 detected 1 neighbor Neighbor: 00:80:9F:DC:5A:BC/00:80:9F:DC:5A:BC, age 86 seconds
- Chassis ID type: MAC address (4)
Chassis ID : 00:80:9F:DC:5A:BC
- Port ID type: MAC address (3)
Port ID : 00:80:9F:DC:5A:BC
- Time To Live: 480 seconds
- System Capabilities : "Telephone"
Enabled Capabilities: "Telephone"
- IEEE802.3 MAC/PHY Configuration/Status
Auto-negotiation : Supported, Enabled (0x03)
Operational MAU Type : 1000BaseTFD (30)
- MED Capabilities: "MED Capabilities, Network Policy, Extended Power via MDI - PD, Inventory"
MED Device Type : Endpoint Class III (3)
- MED Network Policy
Application Type : Voice (1)
Policy Flags : Unknown Policy, Untagged (0x0)
VLAN ID : 30
L2 Priority : 0
DSCP Value : 0
- MED Extended Power-via-MDI
Power Type : PD Device (1)
Power Source : PSE (1)
Power Priority: Low (3)
Power Value : 5.6 Watts
- MED Hardware Revision: "3GV23021JFDA031452"
- MED Firmware Revision: "NOE 4.34.21"
- MED Software Revision: "NOE 4.34.21"
- MED Serial Number: "FCN01435710778"
- MED Manufacturer Name: "Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise"
- MED Model Name: "IP Touch 4038 EE"
- MED Asset ID: "00:80:9f:dc:5a:bc"
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Can you post the LLDP config for one of the ports in question?
configure lldp port 2 advertise port-description
configure lldp port 2 advertise system-name
configure lldp port 2 advertise system-capabilities
configure lldp port 2 advertise management-address
configure lldp port 2 advertise vendor-specific med capabilities
configure lldp port 2 advertise vendor-specific dot1 vlan-name vlan Voice_Phone
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You might want to include this command check : configure lldp ports all advertise vendor-specific dot1 port-protocol-vlan-id