x450a boot crashed "corrupt string pointer"

I have x450a, wont boot and boot stat in bootrom mode, I've reinstalled fresh image version, but still same, current message


Loading EXOS Image .../corrupt string pointer
Running Image ...
Exception Cause=address error on load or ifetch, SR=0x24000002, PC=0x85010b90
CONTEXT=0x00000000, XCONTEXT=0x00000000
BADVADDR=0xffffffff85007352, ENTHI=0x00000000
ENTLO0=0x00000000, ENTLO1=0x00000000

l: Command not found. Try 'h' for help!

BootRom >


Mgmt led is blinking, rom version

Version Branch trunk by release-manager on Mon 06/30/08

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Userlevel 6 is ancient, upgrade to something newer (https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-Use-the-Boot-Rom-Menu-to-Download-a...) andf if the error is still there you probably have a broken switch.
Userlevel 3

Yes, as Oscar said the EXOS is very old and unsupported, please open a GTAC case if you are unable to recover.

Thank you for your update, can I open case through GTAC without having support contract ?