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Create Date: May 9 2012 1:10AM

From top command is currently 90% bcmDPC.
BcmDPC go upsometimes in the?
The service has no effect on current symptoms, but the CLI screen much slower happened. State.

(from yong cheol_Doo)

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Create Date: May 11 2012 10:58AM

I know this sounds crude, but I would reboot the switch and see if the issue returns. This process may need to be restarted.

(from john_padilla)
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Create Date: May 17 2012 11:53PM

This is a confirmed PD on this with no solution yet /( as far as I know) PD4-2219473307, PD4-225256635

(from Andreas_Larsen)
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Create Date: May 20 2012 8:09PM

What is this process anyway? I've seen the same issue myself.

Can it be restarted without impacting switch functionality?

(from Eugen_NAIMAN)
Extreme have we covered this topic?^^ I am seeing this on multiple X460's