x460 Config Changes - WHOOPS, HELP?

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So, I was doing a sh tech all for a tech I was on the phone with troubleshooting a PoE issue on an x460 switch, and I accidentally right clicked back into the telnet window, and it pasted just about everything that I had copied into a text file for the Extreme tech. I immediately lost connectivity to the switch. I have someone hooking up a laptop with putty and a console cable so that I can take a look at it.

What I'm worried about is what to expect when I reconnect to it. Did I hose this switches config all up, or can I reboot it without saving any changes to the config?

Please help me, I feel like such a noob.

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Just reboot it and the things that are not saved are gone.

BTW, I think we've all done that once or twice 🙂

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Whew, after the reboot, we are back in business! Thanks so much for your calming reply Ronald. 🙂