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X460-G2 - Default Bootloader is Corrupt


I have an x460-G2 switch that has the following error:

Copyright 2014 Extreme Networks, Inc. Starting CRC of Default image sendcmd: 0x000000110000109B bad status or crc Read failed ******************************************* **** WARNING! *** **** Default Bootloader is Corrupt: *** **** Please Reinstall *** ******************************************* sendcmd: 0x0000001100000010 bad status or crc Read failed No valid bootloader found. [/code]I try to enter the Bootstrap to reinstall[1] but without success. There is no reponses to spacebar.

I used these softwares:


[1] https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/Bootloader-image-corrupted

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Hello Josivan,
If you are unable enter the Bootstrap/Boot Rom menu or cannot recover the switch, please open the case to our GTAC.

How To Create a Case Through Extreme Support Portal

Maybe you need to do RMA for this G2 product.

Best regards,
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Maybe this article could help in getting to the bootrom, you need to constantly press the spacebar until you see the bootrom prompt, and with new windows you might get the same issue as with below apple where the key repeat is not qiuck enough ?