X460 vs EXOS 16.2.2

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Hello, colleagues!

software-release-recommendations pointed that recommended version for X460-G1 is
BUT had few Customers which fased with below problem

Based on the article

So few requests:
1. Please change recommended EXOS for X460-G1 to 16.2.3
2. Give a normal opportunity to download EXOS 16.2.3. Because for no possibilty to directly download 16.2.3, PartnerWeb proposes to open case for download this version.

Thank you!

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Alex, I agree with you. I will see what can be done.
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Stephen Williams wrote:

Alex, I agree with you. I will see what can be done.

Thank you, Stephen!
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Regarding the recommended SW version, what I usually do (and this is just personal) is to follow the Major release recommended, but using the latest Minor/Patch level available. This recommended page is updated quarterly, or something like that, and as such new patch may be available.

16.2 is Major
16.2.2 is Minor

This is changing starting with 22.1, where the Major release is 22.

I'd pick a different release only if I need a specific feature.