X670 stops forwarding random traffic

X670 with XOS - started to act quite weird.
It stopped to forward some packets from some mac addresses.
We use port mirroring - and i heard that sometimes - xos starts to lose random traffic when using old firmware.
We rebooted - and all worked OK.
But today we have similar problem.

We have been sugested to upgrade to or patch1-2. Is it a good idea ?
Any info about stability of these versions?

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There were some issues using mirroring on some of the early releases of 15.3.2 - If you want to stay on that build level, the latest version is - It is a very stable release. Please let me know if you have any other questions or need anything else. If you continue to have issues, if you haven't already I would open a case with GTAC just to track and provide support if necessary.

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This is a known issue.
you should upgrade to fix the problem
I will try that i received.
Is multicast routing (PIM-SM) and VMAN stable in that realease ?
"This is a known issue." - do you have any references for this statement?
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I believe the known issue Parthiban is referring to is PD4-4490184741. This is documented in the EXOS release notes, as this was the first release that included the fix for this issue. solved the issue