X670-48x Ports - All LED went off

Hello all,

I currently have to X670-48x stacked with XOS patch1-10 and recently we had an issue where most of the active LEDs went off and all ports went down at the same time. after restarting the switch, nothing changed all the ports remain down still. we had to reinsert all the SFPs (about 20) for ports to be active once more.

Is anyone aware of an issue with this model that could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.

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Are they Extreme transceivers or third parties?
Hi Grosjean,

They are all Extreme transceivers.
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we had this problem when upgrading from 12.6 to 15.x
Have you collected
show tech all
show log messages nvram
show debug system-dump before reboot.
why are you running cant you go to latest patch in
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Yes, You should upgrade latest patch of EXOS 15.3.1.
Ok thank you guys for your feedback...we will try to get the switches up to the latest patch level and hopefully avoid this happening again.