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x670 ideal operating temperature (stack with x460)

Hi community,

I have X670G2-48x-4q and X460G2-48t-G4 (version switches stacked with each other. When i have looked up its 'show temperature output is like that :

-> show temperature
Field Replaceable Units Temp (C) Status Min Normal Max --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slot-1 : X670G2-48x-4q 74.50 Normal 0 10-100 110 Slot-2 : X460G2-48t-G4 82.28 Normal 0 10-100 110 Slot-3 : [/code][/code]Although status part is normal, I am not sure the temperature value is normal or not. It could be higher than its operational temperature. In X670 data sheet, operating temperature is between 0 to 45° C and in x460, 0° C to 50° C. The cpu usage and fan status is also normal.

I didn't observe any abnormal log on the switch and i don't have any information about operating temperature in stacking conditions.

I wonder these temperature values is normal or not in a standard data center.


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Hi Yasar,

Please find the below article , I hope this will answer your question.


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Hi Yasar,

Just to clarify, the temperature ranges you found in the data sheets are for the first generation X670 and X460. The X670-G2 and X460-G2 switches have a higher maximum operating temperature, as indicated in the CLI output.