x670v ports wont up using extreme transcievers

Hi Experts,

Is there something I'm missing? I have enabled the port the I need to use, and attached it to a x670v going to a supermicro server with an Extreme sfp+ module on one end, and ano there transceiver on the other end, I have turned enabled the port on the super micro and on the switch, but it seems there is no sign of connectivity, and port is still on ready status.

Am I missing a command?

thanks in advance

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Let's start with the Layer 1:

- Did you try to swap the fibers on one end to be sure to have tx/rx right?
- are both SFP+ SR (or LR or ER or ZR)?
- this is a MMF OM3/OM4 if SR?
- what's the length?
- if SMF, what type of SFP+ for what length and do you have attenuators?
Also did you have auto negotiation off at both ends? because we have a known issue and issue description is
  • Port goes down after configuring auto off , speed 1000 settings at both ends with 1G fiber optics[list]
  • Port goes up after issuing commands: configure port X auto on speed 1000 duplex full configure port X auto off speed 1000 duplex full[/code]
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One more thing to check is "show port X transceiver information detail". This should should show TX and RX powers for the optic on the switch.