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x690 40Gbe and 100Gbe ports

  • 2 October 2018
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I have a pair of x690 switches.
The last 6 ports is configured with the following template:
configure ports partition-template 2x100G-and-4x40G

I want to use the 40Gbe DAC fan out to four 10Gbe SFP+ ports on the four 40Gbe ports.

I configure port 49 and 53 (40Gbe ports) with the following commands:
configure ports 49 partition 4x10G
configure ports 53 partition 4x10G

I configure port 57 and 61 (100Gbe ports with 40Gbe template applied) with the following commands:
configure ports 57 partition 4x10G
configure ports 61 partition 4x10G

The question I have is will the standard QSFP+ - 4xSFP+ fan-out cbl, 3m (Part Code 10321) work in port 57 and 61? These ports are 10Gb/ 25Gb/ 40Gb/ 50Gb/ 100Gb QSFP28 ports


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