X870 QSFP+ GBIC with Breakout-Cable, no Link zu X440-10G

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Summit X870-32c with Firmware
Port 1 populated with QSFP+-Module 10319, 40G SR MMF.
Breakout-Cable 9380014-5m, MPO-4LC connected to QSFP+ in Port 1.

4x Summit X440-G2-48P-10GE4, 4-Port-10G License installed.
Firmware on all Devices.
Ports 51+52 populated with SFP+,10G, SR-GBIC

Connection between each X440 to X870 is done directly with LC-Connectros of Breakout-Cable.
Port51 of X440 to LC1 of Breakout-Cable and so on.

No Links on either Side of the connection.

Anyone an idea why?

Any help is appreciated...

Kind Regards

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Hi Marco,
Were you able to get this working outside of the community?
have you configured the partiotion of the Port? I think you need 4x10G.