XGM2-2sf - only for stacking?

I have a Extreme x450e-01 with a XGM2-2sf module in the back. I have two servers which have SFP+ NICs. I want to connect those two servers to this switch through that module.

Is this feasible? My goal is to have the two servers connected to the switch via SFP+ as opposed to a patch cable.


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Hello Dan,

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Coming to your query regarding the SFP+ module if can be attached directly through the NICs card for servers enabled with SFP+ feature or not?

I hope yes can be achieved if we use SFP+ direct-attach passive copper cable (XGM2-2sf option card required). This contains 1,3,5 and 10 meter distance length.

Moreover the XGM2-2sf ports are 10-gb SFP+ ports and do not support 1-Gb optics.

For further reference please refer to the below link:


Please let us know if this helps you for your requirements.