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under 'Ori' there is #d (directly connected, I guess), but there is not 'd' in the table below

platform: BD8806 MSM-48c

show iproute
#s Default Route 1 UG---S-um--f- Default 0d:1h:40m:2s
#d 1 U------um--f- Default 0d:1h:40m:5s
(mo) MOSPF (o) OSPF, (o1) OSPFExt1, (o2) OSPFExt2,
(oa) OSPFIntra, (oe) OSPFAsExt, (or) OSPFInter, (pd) PIM-DM, (ps) PIM-SM,
(r) RIP, (ra) RtAdvrt, (s) Static, (sv) SLB_VIP, (un) UnKnown,
(*) Preferred unicast route (@) Preferred multicast route,
(#) Preferred unicast and multicast route.
Flags: (b) BFD protection requested, (B) BlackHole, (c) Compressed, (D) Dynamic,
(f) Provided to FIB, (G) Gateway, (H) Host Route, (l) Calculated LDP LSP,
(L) Matching LDP LSP, (m) Multicast, (p) BFD protection active, (P) LPM-routing,
(R) Modified, (s) Static LSP, (S) Static, (t) Calculated RSVP-TE LSP,
(T) Matching RSVP-TE LSP, (u) Unicast, (U) Up, (3) L3VPN Route.
MPLS Label: (S) Bottom of Label Stack
Mask distribution:
1 default routes 1 routes at length 24
Route Origin distribution:
1 routes from Direct 1 routes from Static
Total number of routes = 2
Total number of compressed routes = 0[/code] Thank you

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Hi Antonio,

That is correct, 'd' refers to directly connected subnets. I would expect that 'd' should be in the table. Let me take a look at a lab switch on an earlier version of EXOS to see if the 'd' is listed in the table.

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hi brandon,

is in the subject: XOS

are you going to fix that in the next patch?

thank you
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Hi Antonio,

This looks like it is a known issue that should be fixed in EXOS 15.7.2. See this KB article for more information.