XOS CLI "cheat sheet"

  • 23 October 2014
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Does anyone have one, or know where one can be found?

8 replies

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Do you mean Exos command reference?
or quick cli guide summary?

That's the full reference set, while a "cheat sheet" would have commonly used commands on one page for quick reference. These are also sometimes called "quick reference cards."
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I second that. It would be nice to have a quick reference for certain tasks, especially when they include several commands.

For example:
- Setting a static IP address for remote management
- Creating a static lag e.g. for ESX server connectivity
- How to enable ssh
- ...

Especially when coming from the EOS world some "quick start hints" would be useful :-)

This would be called "cookbook".

Also better concept guide with config examples and diagrams would be recomended.

Extreme has simmilar cookbook's for wireless enviroment (WM3xxx) called SVC Tech but they do not share those.
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You may find our "Deployment Jumpstart" to be helpful. It has lots of examples for basic switch administration.
For reference, it's located on the documentation page.
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I found this site to be helpful, and it also includes a link to an unofficial cheatsheet:


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Based on some of the comments in this thread and on the "EXOS Cheat Sheet," we've published an EXOS Quick Guide that explains a lot of the basics.
You'll find it here: EXOS Quick Guide
For reference, it's located on the documentation page.
This is great. Thank you!