XOS Firmware Upgrade clears configuration???

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We've run into this a couple of times now at different locations.

We're a legacy Red partner and have begun some installs of Purple switches. We're running into an issue that I'm hoping someone can help with.

When upgrading the firmware on out of the box Summit X460-G2s we noticed that after the reboot, all the configuration information was gone. Stacking, VLANs, IP addresses, etc. At the time, we attributed it to the initial firmware on the switches; the CLI prompt showed "Software Upgrade Required".

Today, one of our team went to a site where we had previously installed a X670-G2, and did a firmware downgrade - 15.7.x to 15.6.x. When the switch rebooted with the downgraded firmware, the configuration was gone.

Is this normal behavior? If so, then how do you upgrade the FW remotely if the config has to be reapplied?



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Configuration is clearing only after upgrade from BootRom.
When you normally upgrade EXOS, config have to stay.

May be you don't save your config before upgrade?
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The configurations were saved. We made sure of that. The switch today has been in service for a few weeks and the config was definitely saved...
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Hey Bill

No this is not normal behavior upgrading either the code or bootrom will not factory reset the switch. The only time that should happen is when you type unconfig sw all (factory reset) or if you move a switch from stacking to unstack or vice versa.

if you do a ls on the switch do you see the configs listed?

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Yea we do... The 'primary.cfg' is still there.
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Hello Bill,

I would still say it is a bug.

But as per best practices you must save the config with different name so that u have a backup in switch and TFTP/FTP server.
Not just having it in primary.cfg will help incase if there is a corruption.

Considering this please raise it to TAC so that we could save other customers hitting the same issue.
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As a matter of practice, we do save with a different filename, but only after our config is completed. Some additional information... After the upgrade, the switches are no longer stacked; we have to go through enabling stacking again.
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Hi All,

This is a known issue on X460-G2 (Including the X670-48-4q) out of the box... here is the problem and the solution. While the G2 was produced before the GA code was ready, it currently ships with XOS (or close to that..) which is PRE-GA code. I have found through some troubleshooting that if you configure the switch without updating, any changes saved (including stacking) are erased on the update and a reboot with GA code installed.

YOU MUST UPDATE THE SWITCH to GA CODE - Either 15.6.1.x or 15.7.x prior to configuration, or if you have already done configuration before update run the command "save config as-script " and save off the configuration to a text file. If you do that you can at least load the new code (re-enable stacking manually if necessary) and load the script to reconfigure the switch and hit save ("load script " from saved above). I answered another question here on the Hub regarding this and in that case the POE did not work correctly. I can only assume that this is not a bug and that engineering designed it that way so as to force users to update to the latest GA code, I will check with my sources and confirm.

I am working with PLM and engineering to update the code at the factory so at least we don't have to continue to see this in the field.

I am sorry for the trouble you are experiencing.