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XOS-How to determine when counters were last cleared

Lets assume cli logging isnt enabled and doing sh log shows us the last week worth of info, but we suspect the counters were cleared say...3 weeks ago.

What is the command to determine when the counters were cleared?

Something that would produce such as :

"Last clearing of "show interface" counters 1w5d"

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Hi Jimmy,

There is no specific command as such i believe to explicitly give the information on the timestamp information of when the switch counters were cleared.

The switch will record a log for clearing counters in the switch and the sample log is below,

* BD1.5 # clear counters* BD1.6 # show log
12/22/2016 02:06:56.22 Clearing all counters

And the switch log once crossed the storage buffer would start to over write the existing logs.
So a syslog server can be setup in the network to push the switch logs to the external syslog server to avoid the missing of logs.


Hope this help.
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Possibly for S series devices we have these option as given below:

S-Series(su-config)->debug packet show-statistics

Global Router Statistics - last cleared 12s ago
(repeat command to refresh counters)
type count hi-count-blade
Packet Counts
Total Packets in: 670 2
IPv4 Packets in: 670 2
Non-Unicast Packets in: 1 2
/clipped output/
Redirected: 367 2

But i never believe we have any in EXOS to determine the time last time the counter was cleared as suggested by my colleague earlier other than checking the logs detail for its command execution for clear counter time found in the show log output.