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XOS LOG error messages Decoder

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Apr 4 2012 9:18AM

I am getting an error message in x450 "-Crit:HAL.Sys.Critical- BCM error detected on unit 0" and "-Crit:HAL.Sys.Critical- Previous message repeated 28 additional times in the last 270 second(s)". I am looking for more information on these error messages but no luck. Extreme has a document for Extremeware called EWErrorMessageDecoder that I find very helpful in troubleshooting.
Did anyone came across of similar document for XOS?
Thank you.

(from denis_sto)

1 reply

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Create Date: May 9 2012 12:13PM

What version of XOS are you running ? Usually a critical HAL error is not good. But could be false positive depending on version.

(from Andreas_Larsen)