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XOS Policy Maker

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: May 12 2013 2:25PM


Supports Templates.



I've made a tool for making XOS acl policies quickly, I made the tool for me as I am doing loads at the moment and its easier for me to view the ACL's in this program than in text .pol files.

Its very basic, I knocked it up this morning.

If you find it useful great. If you want something added (it needs lots added ! ) then please comment on the blog and I will try.


Conrad (from Conrad_Jones)

5 replies

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Create Date: Jun 5 2013 6:08PM


Updated Version now supports templates. (from Conrad_Jones)
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Create Date: Jun 6 2013 11:09AM

Thanks conradjones it is great that you shared it with us.

p (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Sep 26 2013 1:56PM

download link is dead. I'm very interested in this tool. (from LNU)
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Create Date: Oct 21 2013 4:37PM

I too would love to check this little jewel out! Any word on when the DL link will be active again? (from Bobby_Johnston)
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Create Date: Nov 7 2013 10:46AM


It's very interesting tool.
Can you give another link or give me e-mail: opali@muk.ua

Thank you! (from Aleksandr_Palivoda)