Anything such as VLAN groups?

  • 19 November 2020
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I don’t think it’s an option, but perhaps it could be a feature request. Allow for the creation of VLAN groups whereby you can add vlans to the group and simply assign the group to a port. Something like this:

create vgroup ServerUplinks add v100,v150,v175

conf ServerUplinks add port 1:5 untag v100

(assumes that all vlans are added as tagged by default)

Down the road, if you add a new vlan to the group, it would get automatically added to the ports already associated with it. Thoughts? Is there already a method for doing this in some other way?

2 replies

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If you have XMC and policy you can do this with policy.  Add the vlan to policy and enforce to switches.  


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I would suggest Port-Templates.