basic question about ACLs and policies

  • 13 April 2016
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i am quite new to ExtremeXOS, coming from the cisco world and I am not really getting the ACL/Policy configuration right. I read the ACL soulution guide but my question was not covered in there.

Here is my question:

If I want to apply ACL´s on 4 different Vlans do I have to create one policy-file for each vlan? Or is the device intelligent enough to differentiate between the rules in 1 policy-file which I applied to the 4 different VLAN´s?

I hope you guys can help me.

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4 replies

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Hi Mareen A policy file can be applied to multiple vlans
Thank you.

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Hi there! Here are a couple of resources for you:

1) ACL Solutions Guide:

NOTE: This is in the queue to be updated, so we are glad to get any feedback about how it can be improved.

2) Once you understand ACLs a little more, you can configure Dynamic ACL policies on a switch using a web browser (Chalet product). You can read more about that here:
Hi Christina,

thanks for the advice.

It is a little bit difficult for me to rethink the ACL construct of EXOS because I learned it in another way. The ACL Solution Guide is not covering all my questions or it is not deep enough for me 🙂.

I will test some scenarios in the Lab to learn about the behavior of EXOS ACL´s.