Does anyone know in switch has Displays packet forwarding information

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Sep 28 2012 1:37AM

Does anyone know if there is a similar functionality in EXOS to Cisco Displays packet forwarding interface...
In Cisco Nexus it has "sh port-ch load-balance forwarding-path interface port-channel ...." command
(from Hsu_LiPing)

3 replies

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Create Date: Sep 28 2012 7:46PM

Hello HelpmeI am not familiar with the output of that command but we have a show port sharing to see what ports and algorithm are being used and show port util for packet and % utilization on the ports.Can you pleas provide a sample of the output from that command or specifically what you are looking for.ThanksP (from Paul_Russo)
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Create Date: Oct 1 2012 12:05AM

when i use LACP sometimes i want to know which packet through link port, from cisco there has a command can do that
.........# sh port-channel load-balance forwarding-path int port-channel 1 vlan 10 dst-ip a.b.c.d
Missing params will be substituted by 0's.
Load-balance Algorithm on switch: source-dest-ip
crc8_hash: 128 Outgoing port id: Ethernet1/1
Param(s) used to calculate load-balance:
dst-ip: a.b.c.d
dst-mac: 0000.0000.0000
src-mac: 0000.0000.0000

this form "dst-ip" there are too many paramteres:
dst-ip Destination IP Address
dst-ipv6 Destination IPV6 Address
dst-mac Destination MAC Address
l4-dst-port Destination Port
l4-src-port Source Port
src-ip Source IP Address
src-ipv6 Source IPV6 Address
src-mac Source MAC Address

so i wish extremenetwork switch will have this command

(from Hsu_LiPing)
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Create Date: Oct 1 2012 2:37PM

Hey HelpmeSorry we currently do not show flow based on the algorithm. I would suggest contacting your local sales team and discussing this as a feature request.I will post it internally to see if it is something we may already be working on.ThanksP (from Paul_Russo)