Does X670-G2 & X590 support SDN?

  • 1 July 2020
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confirm below features support X590 & X670-G2? if yes where I can find documentation about it. 

Switch should support Open Flow, Open Day light and Open Stack controller or equivalent.

1 reply

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OpenFlow support was ended from EXOS 30.5.  However for customers that are still using it or would like to use it, EXOS 16.2 is recommended as the most stable version to run it.  The X670-G2 does support EXOS 16.2, while the X590 only support EXOS 22.6 and higher and OpenFlow is still available in EXOS 22.x through to EXOS 30.4. The following document contains all supported features.

ExtremeXOS OpenFlow User Guide

Please note that a license is required in order to configure it.