Doubts about Openflow configuration

  • 21 December 2020
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Good afternoon. I have two switches connecting two vlans through a trunk port and in each vlans there is a computer and the computers communicate with each other. The switches have the openflow protocol enabled and communicating with a third computer as a controller. I configured the network this way because it is simpler for me. One of the switches is an x440-48t and the other x460g2-24t. I have some doubts:

1º - Does the network on the extreme switch need to be configured before enabling openflow? I talk about the routing between the vlans in this case.

2º - One of the switches works normally, but another one gives an error with the ryu controller datapath (AttributeError: 'OFPErrorMsg' object has no attribute 'exp_type'), in this case I was wondering if the connection between the switches using a trunk port has any influence to cause this error?

3º - If the way the network was configured influences, how would it be more suitable to configure the network? Here is an image of the network I set up to test how Openflow works. Thank you!


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5 replies

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What are you trying to accomplish with OpenFlow?  Take over all learning and programing, or manipulate existing flows using hybrid mode? 

Good morning, sorry for the delay in the response. I'm studying Openflow to build a controller to work with a real switch, I've managed to make the controller work in a virtualized environment. I am currently trying to add a temporary license as the old license has expired. What I wanted to know is whether there is a way to work with pure Openflow or just the hybrid mode? 


Packet arrives at the Openflow switch from an input port (or, in some cases, from the controller), it is matched against the flow table to determine if there is a matching flow entry. 

My question is how do I configure a switch to route packets in SDN using a controller? I saw that it has two modes of operation, one being hybrid and the other standard, which of the two modes is the most suitable for this? The controller I already have and works on a network configured with OVS. My idea is to test the extreme with SDN working as if it were an L2 / L3 switch, to analyze the performance, see if the communication is not impaired and so on. 


Consider a software-defined network (SDN) with multiple physically interconnected SDN switches and an SDN controller. Attached is an illustration of the network. Multiple end hosts are connected to the switches. In the illustration, the blue drawings form the data-plane network, whereas the red drawings form the control-plane network. The switches may have different processing capacity Prepaid Gift Balance