Editing config files

  • 12 May 2016
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I need to edit some cfg files. Is it possible to send me the download page for File Manager App?

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7 replies

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Hi Renato,
What file manager app are you referring to? Are you looking for the one for Chalet in EXOS?
I need to edit some simmit cfg files and i find the page below refering how to do this.


I have little knowledge and i am learnig with situations that my boss send to me.

Do you can help me?

thank you for your availability


Drew, forgive me I noticed that is a software that i can to access when i connected to a switch.

Well, do you Know some software that i can to edit CFG files from a switch?

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What version of exos are you on?
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What version of exos are you on?
I would just tftp the files off the switch edit them and tftp them back on with a new file name. If you are looking to do it through the web UI you need to upgrade to 21.1.
What version of exos are you on?
Hi Stephen!! I work in a Telecom Company and we have many switches by Extreme. I use tftp to copy configuration file in my desktop. I need a software to open this file and edit off-line in my desktop. This way i don´t have to digit all lines in a nex summit x440. I neeed to change a x450 for a x440.

Do can help me?


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It won't be easy, nor is it recommended, to edit the XML in a .cfg file. I would recommend that you use the
save config-as
Take a look at the discussion in this thread to see if it helps to clarify: https://community.extremenetworks.com/extreme/topics/opposite-of-save-configuration-as-script