Enable Multicast Broadcast Across VLANs

  • 29 March 2021
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We have three VLANs created and devices can reach other devices in different VLAN using ping. My problem is how can I enable multicast and broadcast across the VLAN. 

We have a server in separate VLAN with application installed. Server needs to listen to broadcast and multicast on other VLAN. This server can reach the devices through ping and vise versa but it cannot discover the devices on the network.


5 replies

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Why have you segmented your network?

When you want to have broadcasts and multicasts over all networks (you usually don’t want this...), then just create one big /22 network. 

Besides that:
Mutlicasts can be routed using PIM or MVR. 

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for response. Is there any link or document i can look into to achieve this. Also is there license requirement to enable PIM on the switches X590 and X450?



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In your case it might be enough to configure

enable ipmcforwarding {vlan name}

X590 default license is sufficient.

Hi Stefan,

I already have this command on the switches:

enable ipmcforwarding {vlan name}

But still cannot see the devices (VLAN 11 and 13) on the server (VLAN 12).


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Well, I don’t know the application you are running on the server to “see” the devices.

To do some basic testing with Mutlicast Routing, you can use MCastTest

You need to run it on the sender and the receiver. 


Otherwise I’m not really familiar with  MC-Routing, the last time I did it was across multiple routers and used PIM.