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  • 9 November 2020
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Dear all,

could anyone help me to resolve question, do we need any additional licenses for activating MPLS feature on Extreme X440-G2 switches?

We already have a production network with Extreme 440-G2 switches with standard licence, now customer want to expand network and use MPLS/IP protocol on this switches. Switches are with EXOS 22.3 and 22.7 versions.

Thanks in advance.


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5 replies

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As far as I remember - X440 don’t know MPLS.

As usual, for other X-series models you have to use MPLS Feature Pack.


Thank you!

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Alexanr is right. X440G2 doesn’t support MPLS.

MPLS is only supported at X460-G2, X670-G2, X465, X590, X870, X690 and you need at minimum an  “Advanced Edge” license  plus the MPLS feature pack. 


Thanks, @Alexandr P and @StephanH for your answers. I was looking through the documentation, and I can't find anywhere MPLS supporting for X440-G2. So, I wasn't sure about it. 

Best regards.


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More information about supported features you can check in EXOS data sheet -



Thank you!

Thank you @Alexandr P for this DS.