EXOS Mirror Ingress to Egress on the same physical port.

  • 7 June 2021
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When using an EXOS switch I would like to take all ingress traffic on a port and turn it right back around and have it egress on the same port.  Like a reflector.  Why would I want to do that!? 

The NetAlly NXG tester using the new LANBERT function allows us to test frames sent and received, errors and losses.  This can be done by using two NXG testers, or a single NXG with a physical loopback device as a mirror, or a single NXG sending to a switch having the port in a loopback mode (basically a port that mirrors its ingress to egress.)  This is different than using a loopback  that is commonly used.  (enable loopback-mode vlan xyz)

Is there a way to take all ingress traffic on say port 1 and spin it around and egress it to the same port 1?  It seems similar to what the Service Verification Test Tool does.  Could I send all the traffic through the CPU and then turn it around?  This would be a single port at a time and only a temporary config for testing.


Thanks for your consideration!



1 reply

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Hi Brad,


You won’t be able to add the same port as mirror source and destination. Perhaps some ACL trickery would do that. You can however add VLAN as a source. Once I get along my laptop drivers I’ll try to make my pings egress the laptop as tagged and see if they bounce back. Will let you know, unless anyone else has tried it before. ;)