ExtremeXOS 30.2 and Smart OmniEdge Premium X465 Switches Are Now Available!

  • 8 May 2019
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ExtremeXOS 30.2 and Smart OmniEdge Premium X465 Switches Are Now Available!
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We are pleased to announce the availability of ExtremeXOS® 30.2 release and the ExtremeSwitching X465 Series. This release not only marks the introduction of significant new hardware/software but sets the foundation for the next generation of Extreme’s edge networking portfolio. These introductions benefit you and your customers by:

Providing New Revenue Opportunities

Next-gen edge connectivity with X465 – The X465 is a premium, stackable multi-rate Gigabit switch offering 60W/90W PoE (802.3bt), integrated MACsec and modular 10, 25 and 40Gbps uplinks. It can also operate as a controlling bridge within an Extended Edge Switching solution. With these capabilities, it provides a wealth of new edge and IoT connectivity options – and combined with Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6/802.11ax products (like the AP500) delivers ultimate performance and security across a unified wired/wireless network.
Benefit: The ExtremeSwitching X465, along with our now shipping ExtremeWireless AP500 series, offers a premier wired/wireless solution to customers in Healthcare, Retail, Education and Government markets and opens the door to a whole new class of wired edge deployment options through its many advanced features.

Enhanced Edge Security

Enhanced secure onboarding – EXOS 30.2 enhances the automation and network insight available with policy onboarding. Extreme role-based policy can now trigger traffic mirroring, network traps or syslog entries for more actionable insights and improved network security.
X465 Uplink/Downlink MACsec - The X465 supports IEEE 802.1AE standard MACsec for link-level authentication and encryption of network traffic. This includes 256-bit and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on its modular uplink ports as well as 128-bit AES on its 10/100/1000bps access (downlink) ports. With both uplink and downlink encryption, the X465 ensures the highest-level protection of network data.
Benefit: Enhanced security across the wired network edge

More Dynamic and Flexible Network Virtualization

Fabric Attach support for MLAG – EXOS switches in an MLAG configuration can now access Fabric Connect automated services using Fabric Attach. This feature is of special benefit to Extended Edge Switching V400 devices (using MLAG’d Controller Bridges) that want to access Fabric Connect automated services.
Fabric Attach for “Any Campus” deployment – Fabric Attach in EXOS 30.2 can now help automate edge device connection to traditional Layer 2 VLAN and Layer 3 VXLAN campus networks – in addition to a Fabric Connect campus. This can help simplify wired/wireless edge device connection to either VLAN or VXLAN networks today, while demonstrating the power and flexibility of Fabric Attach as part of Extreme’s Automated Campus / Fabric Connect solution.
Benefit: Grow from the edge by delivering edge automation into existing VLAN/VXLAN campus networks as a stepping stone to future wired/wireless integration with Extreme’s Fabric Connect solution.

Improved Efficiency and Ease of Use

X465/Stacking Optimization – The X465 with dedicated stacking ports and EXOS 30.2 delivers “zero-touch” provisioning of the stack and stack members. This simplifies X465 stack set-up and improves stack resiliency.
New modulated driver (XMOD) support for transceiver/optics – enables more rapid integration of qualified transceiver/optics by eliminating the need for a formal EXOS release for support.
Ability to re-partition multi-rate ports without re-boot – 10G, 25G, 40G and 50G channelized ports can now be can now reconfigured without reboot of the switch. This reduces switch and network downtime.
Benefits: Simplified stack configuration, faster time to market (for optics) and reduced downtime.

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Great stuff within V30.2 !