FAN Module serial number X450 (Stack)

  • 13 January 2021
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Hello together,


is there a way to view all FAN module serial numbers on a X450 Stack without connecting to every Stack member individually?

The Problem is in a Stack I can only view the serial number for the FAN module of the current Stack Member but not from the other members.


Here the output of “show fans detailed”

Slot-1 FanTray-1 information:

 State:                  Operational

 NumFan:                 6

 PartInfo:               #serial number

 Revision:               06

 Fan-1:                  Operational at 3120 RPM

 Fan-2:                  Operational at 6420 RPM

 Fan-3:                  Operational at 3060 RPM

 Fan-4:                  Operational at 6540 RPM

 Fan-5:                  Operational at 3060 RPM

 Fan-6:                  Operational at 6480 RPM


Slot-2 FanTray-1 information:

 State:                  Operational

 NumFan:                 6

 Fan-1:                  Operational at 3180 RPM

 Fan-2:                  Operational at 6780 RPM

 Fan-3:                  Operational at 3240 RPM

 Fan-4:                  Operational at 6960 RPM

 Fan-5:                  Operational at 3420 RPM

 Fan-6:                  Operational at 6780 RPM




3 replies

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I’m not seeing anything in the release notes about it, what version are you on currently? 

Hi Sam,


thanks for your help.

can you tell me if the change as described in the article have already been implemented?


“As of this writing, the enhancement to "debug hal show platform platformInfo" is planned for EXOS versions 31.1,, and in mid-November, 2020.”


Or is there a way to connect to a different node from within a script?

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Hi Nico, I found an article that discusses this. According to the article linked below, stacking as a function was created when each stack node had only one fan tray. Stacking cannot handle the concept of nodes with multiple trays.

When stacking was first implemented for the X series, there was a decision to limit the amount of information collected about fan trays throughout the stack to avoid overburdening the system.


The resolution in the article seems to be: As of this writing there is a plan to modify the existing command "debug hal show platform platformInfo" so that it includes serial numbers for all fan trays on the stack node where it is executed. "show fans" will not be modified. To check all fan trays in a stack, it will be necessary to connect to each node and check "debug hal show platform platformInfo" on each node


Here is a link to the article for more details: