Getting ARP data via SNMP (ipNetToMediaTable / ipNetToPhysicalTable) from EXOS Device

  • 28 August 2019
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hi everyone,
i am currently testing the integration of exos switches in Solarwinds software (IPAM/UDT).
In order to correctly assign MAC addresses to IP addresses, the following OIDs are required:

ipNetToMediaTable =
ipNetToPhysicalTable =

Unfortunately our router (X670-G2 - only provides information about the first OID (ipNetToMediaTable).

The second OID (ipNetToPhysicalTable) does not return any results 😞
Without these entries the Solarwinds software cannot assign the MAC addresses to the IP addresses.

Why does the EXOS Router not return results on the second OID like other products (Data Center SLX, VDX, MLX, CES) ?

Many thanks in advance

1 reply

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I haven't tried it, but presumably EXOS doesn't support that OID tree. There MAY be an enterprise MIB supporting this, but I suspect you'd have a hard time getting Solarwinds to include support for that, even if it would exist.

We have another battle like this where EXOS wonät report DDMI (optical rx/tx) values via SNMP even though that info is available in the CLI, and thus to EXOS.