How can I get an email alert when mac security disables a port?

  • 8 May 2020
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Hi I would like to see if an EXOS switch like an X450 can send emails if mac-locking shuts down connectivity to a port.


We do have netsight up and running and get alerts for things like fan failures.  How can we get alerted if last violating mac address populates and the port status goes to dis?


We had an incident where someone tried swapping a phone from one area to another and it disabled the port.  We had to log in and look for it, whereas if we would have gotten an email alert we would know exactly when it happend, the mac address and port.


1 reply

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I wouldn’t rely on the switch to take such action.

Double check if you can syslog or snmp trap the event and put the mail alert on the monitoring engine.

The XMC can do this easily.