How to assigned static IP to machine using DHCP server on Summit X430-24t switch?

  • 4 October 2016
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Hello Commumnity,

I have configured DHCP server on Summit X430-24t switch. I want to allocate a dedicated IPs to some servers using DHCP-binding. After going through documentation, I found command "configure ip-security dhcp-binding add ip ip_address mac mac_address {vlan} vlan_name server-port server_port client-port client_port lease-time seconds".

I don't know what is server_port and client_port. There are not much details about it in documentation.

Can anyone please me, how to assign static IPs to the servers using switch DHCP server?

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5 replies

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The dhcp server on EXOS is basic and does not give the possibility to hand out 'static' IP addresses to fixed clients. ip-security is not meant for handing out dhcp, it is a security feature.
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"This commands allows you to add a DHCP binding in order to re-create the bindings after reboot and to allow IP Security features to work with clients having static IP addresses."

As already said by Oscar, this is part of IP-Security feature and not to be used to assign static IP do any devices.
Thanks Oscark and Henrique for your help.

Was there any improvement since this post was created or the dhcp server is still basic?

On my X670-G2 I could not find a way to assign the same IP address to a specific MAC.

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it’s still the same.. those are switches and not meant for more-in-depth DHCP functionality.