IGMP entry in log after upgrading Xos

  • 7 November 2015
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I upgraded 2 BD8810's from to Patch1-9 and am now seeing the following entry in the log

MSM-A: Received an IGMPv3 query on VLANX configured for IGMPv2 from is my core switch (not the real IP)

When I look at VLANX IGMPver on the switch logging the issue it is set to v2, when I checked the core switch VLANX is also set to V2, if they both match why am I getting the error?

From what I found is to either disable V3 on the switch or enable v3 on the switch logging the error so that won't help me.

Any ideas? I need to upgrade 9 more BD8810's tomorrow night and would like to have this issue resolved. Do you think after upgrading the core switch to the new firmware this issue will resolve itself?

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If igmp 3 is a requirement then enable IGMP 3 on the 8900 ... I dont believe it was fully supported on the older code rev you were running and now that it is available on 15.3 you will see those messages because the switch can support it...

Trick will what affect will the 8900 have in learning and snooping the IGMP v3 packets? Where is the packet being sourced from? STB, Router, IPV6 announcement, server or pc? Odds are it was always there and because your core switches did not support V3 then all they did was ignore and pass it through.... You really need to know where that query is coming from to unravel this puzzle I would guess... good hunting